Welcome to my new look blog and
apologies to anyone who was wondering where I have been.

2020 has seen a lot of changes for many people, myself included. Having developed an allergy to cotton lint (far from ideal for a textile/quilt artist) I have spent much of the Covid induced lockdown period experimenting.

Days with no prescribed agenda permitted me to embrace the ‘inner artist’ and to try out many different ideas, techniques and media; some perhaps more successfully than others. Sketching, painting and printing all featured but I also turned my hand to tapestry weaving and felting (working with wool seems to be ok). I have undertook online challenges, subscribed to workshops, and watched a variety of YouTube videos, resulting in a plethora of paintings, a library of mini artists books, and even a collection of mixed media challenge tags. The latter serve no real purpose but were fun to make.

Lots of things excited me and some simply frustrated, but the one thing that stood out is my ongoing love of the ‘simple mark’ – that is intuitive lines and shapes, made, using simple tools and limited materials. But more about this and where it might lead at a future date.